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​What does it mean to be an Elite Baseball Prospect?

To walk in Elite success and pull out the best player within you?


Achieving the dream of playing for your high school team, college team and getting drafted to play professionally.​


The main problem with players attempting to achieve their full potential is that most did NOT have a development plan that covered ALL the specific key areas THEY needed addressed.


​Some have a plan for one or two areas that is short term... while others have an incredible skill set but are dramatically failing in 2-3 major key areas. Many are confused by a variety of specific content available trying to figure out what does and does NOT apply to them.​


​Nick Crocker is an elite performance coach who has personally developed players at every level. Players achieved things they never thought possible through proven disciplines. We focus on the 6 keys below with specific tools for each area to unlock your ability to be the best by making a difference on the field and in the classroom.


* Use of video to demonstrate hitting and pitching movements that promote athleticism
* Printable worksheets to chart daily workouts and track monthly progress


* Full workout routines that include strength training, arm care, and corrective movements within each program
* Video tutorials of each exercise and printable worksheets to track programming


* Shopping lists, worksheets, and personalized programs to encourage optimal choices
* Members only supplement store with carefully chosen, practitioner-grade options


* Globally-recognized sports psychologist Brian Cain serves as our program advisor
* Video, audio, worksheets, and various resources to use for daily habit building


* Tips to prepare for standardized tests (SAT/ACT) 
* Review of NCAA eligibility rules as they apply to high school student-athletes


* Personalized player profile page to share with college coaches
* Honest player skills assessment to ascertain best fit in regards to prospective college programs


Virtual coaching has the benefits of specialized 1-on-1 coaching but within a virtual program which allows players and coaches to interact through video, tutorials, webinars, app platforms, and other types of media that assist in information sharing. Here are the systems we use to progress your player development.

Talent LMS is the learning management system we use for your personalized development across all 6 core areas. It organizes all of your monthly content into courses and will track your progress each month as you navigate through each course on your way to successful completion. A comprehensive Exercise Library will be provided within the Talent LMS to assist in navigation and organization of the exercises you need.

Printable Spreadsheets are available in conjunction with the Exercise Library. Many players feel they can track their daily, weekly, and monthly progress better by having a paper copy of each day of their program. It builds a strong sense of accomplishment when you can review your recent work and see that you have checked every box. Note that many college weight training programs use folders with similar spreadsheets so it's helpful to get acclimated early.

We provide the Exercise Library as well within our YouTube Channel. It will be organized based on your position (Pitcher or Position Player) and the dedicated link will be shared when you are assigned monthly coursework. This channel will provide a consistent reference point for all of the videos and tutorials you will need during our program.


In working with over 1,800 players over the last 20 years, we have discovered that the 6 proven keys above are all critical to assisting amateur baseball players through their personal journey to success.

This all begins with a core value system that prioritizes work ethic, integrity, teamwork, and loyalty. Infused with a personalized player approach to development, the coaching team at Elite Baseball Prospect is passionate about their goal to assist athletes nationwide through a virtual coaching program that helps them reach their physical and mental potential both on and off the field.


With a history that includes $25.3M in college scholarship dollars earned and 74 players getting drafted to professional baseball, our team combines data-driven technology with on-field competitive focus to create personalized content that provides players with a solid foundation to build on.


Becoming elite is a lifestyle. It is defined by our thoughts, actions, and goals. It is a relentless pursuit to reach the pinnacle of our abilities. The Elite Baseball Prospect athlete has no limits or boundaries. It is not a single event, but the total sum of many successful days built on each other.


It is not only on the field, in the weight room, in the cage, on the mound. It is ALSO in the kitchen, in the classroom and within ourselves.

Let's get started with your elite lifestyle. Signup below and we'll give you a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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