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1) What is virtual coaching and what does it entail?
Virtual coaching includes the benefits of specialized 1-on-1 coaching but is completed remotely. It includes an overview of the entire program as well as specific information pertaining to each area of focus. It allows coaches and players to interact through video, tutorials, webinars, app platforms, and other types of media that assist in information sharing. Our virtual programs focus on each of the 6 core disciplines and are designed to build upon each other through consistent time management.
2) How do I complete the intake form correctly if I have never done the assessment movements before?
We request that you have a coach or trainer assist you in watching the tutorial videos and repeat the movements until you can answer the questions with confidence.
3) I'm a college student, will this program fit my needs?
Yes, this program will suit your needs due to the specific nature of the intake form. Also, we will be offering our 12-week college summer program soon, and it is designed specifically for your lifestyle.

4) I have access to data on my swing (HitTrax, Blast Motion) and/or my pitching (Rapsodo, Trackman). Does that info help me utilize this program better?
Absolutely. Please send all metrics and data in your intake form. We will review the data and use it to help formulate your personalized plan and future goals.

5) I have a good training program currently. Why would I need another one?
First of all, we love it when our players have a positive experience doing a training program. That means they have spent time on their player development strategy. We believe that a majority of training programs can assist in one or two key aspects, but our program is designed to cover all of the bases. We enjoy putting our content together with quality programs given by high school programs, training programs, and private instructors. We never want to take away activities that build confidence and trust for our players, as we are all in this arena with the same end goal: to assist the player in their journey.

6) I'm currently on a long toss program and have not completed it. Should I wait before starting the Elite Baseball Prospect virtual program?
This program should improve the results of your current training program. We recommend keeping tabs on your weekly activity workload to ensure there is adequate recovery time. If so, then the added strength, mobility, and athleticism that comes from our programming should assist in making your current throwing program more productive.

7) I'm loving the program and want to upgrade now. Do I need to wait until next month to upgrade?
We are thrilled that you are immersed in our program! Contact us via email and we can send you the instructions to upgrade at any time.

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