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Elite Baseball Prospect VIP Membership Program

The Elite Baseball Prospect Membership Program offers three categories of resources for ONE low price: Recruiting, Baseball Skill Development, and Affiliate Agreements. Accumulate Savings with our Affiliates up to $1950!


  • EVERYTHING Above Received FREE After Sign-Up (Total Savings of $339)

Baseball Skill Development:

  • College/Showcase Preparation Program

    • A Must Have if Your Son Will be Attending a College Camp or Showcase as it will​ Ensure that He is Ready to Perform at His Highest Level

    • Contains workout routines, corrective movements, and drills designed specifically for each position. Also includes nutrition plans based on your goals and keys to mental performance to give you a leg up on your competition. 

  • Receive for FREE After Sign-Up (Total Savings of $199)

Affiliate Agreements:

  • Best in US Showcase

    • The exposure at a showcase event is essential! Best in US Showcase provides an incredible experience and honest evaluations for every player.

    • ​Discount of 20%

      • Pitcher Only for $279 Instead of Normal Price of $349 (Total Savings of $70)​

      • Position Player Only for $479 Instead of Normal Price of $599 (Total Savings of $120)

      • Two Way Player for $559 Instead of Normal Price of $699 (Total Savings of $140)

  • Akadema Sporting Goods

    • Akadema isn't just another big sporting goods supplier cranking out the same old equipment. Akadema makes innovative gear based on in-depth knowledge of the game from playing the game. In less than a decade, we've become one of the hottest baseball equipment companies in America for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players.

    • Discount of 40%​ on ALL Products (HUGE SAVINGS)

  • Blast Motion Training

    • The industry's most accurate swing analyzer integrated with assessment, coaching, communication, and management tools.

    • Discount of 17% on Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer & Mobile App (Total Savings of $25)

  • MidWest College Planning

    • We help families find a school where the student succeeds and the family can afford. We do this by focusing on three things: budget, research, and test scores.

    • Receive a FREE 1 Hour Family Academic Consultation (Total Savings of $250)​

    • Receive a comprehensive college tuition information packet (Total Savings of $75)

  • Pocket Radar

    • Pocket Radar designs, engineers and manufactures revolutionary speed tracking technology for a wide-range of applications. By providing an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, we have forged a new standard in accurate seed based training making it accessible to the masses.

    • Receive a $40 Amazon Gift Card with Purchase!​

  • LV Lumber Bats

    • LV Lumber provides the premier, high quality wood bat to help enhance the performance of baseball players of all ages, while donating 25% of profits to pediatric cancer to help knock it out of the park!

    • Discount of 35% on Adult Bats- Stock and Custom (Total Savings of $63)

    • Discount of 20% on Youth Bats (Total Savings of $20)

  • GameSense Pitch Recognition

    • GameSense Pitch Recognition focuses on the cognitive skills of pitch recognition and fast-reaction times that are key to success! We're here to help players master these invisible skills through the future of training.

    • Discount of 30% on ALL Programs Offered! (Total Savings of $36-45)

  • Full Script Nutritional Store

    • Over 15,000 products and 12 brands that are NSF certified. Pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements that passed rigorous 3rd party-testing!

    • Discount of 25% Plus Free Shipping & Handling (Total Savings of $30 per month)

  • Elite Velocity Throwing, Hitting, and Nutritional Program

    • The Elite Velocity Throwing & Hitting program specifically trains the individual player explosions in the kinetic chain via our mobile app!

    • Receive program for $49 Instead of Normal Price of $129 (Total Savings of $80)​​​

  • DJ Lee Hitting, Strength & Conditioning

    • Professional programs made by professional players and college coaches to assist athletes in becoming the best versions of themselves- on and off the field!

    • Series of E-Books for FREE upon Sign-Up (Total Savings of $215)

      • Total Development Program (16 weeks of Speed, Hitting, Strength, & Throwing Plans)​

      • Velo Build Pitcher Program

      • Speed Program

      • Strength Program

      • Premium Hitting Drill Library​​

  • Oates Specialties

    • Oates Specialties sells select conditioning equipment and accessories for the elite athlete. The best collection of athletic fitness & conditioning tools available in the market today!

    • Discount of 10% on ALL Products​​ (HUGE SAVINGS)

  • Eagleclaw

    • Eagleclaw is an academically driven approach to college baseball recruiting.​ Providing independent and reliable statistical analysis that will facilitate and inform decision making by incorporating academic criteria and general college preferences with a close assessment of the coach's recruiting tendencies and roster breakdowns by position.

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DJ Lee

Hitting, Speed, Strength

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As a member of the Elite Baseball Prospect VIP Members Club, you can eclipse savings up to $1,950 with our affiliates and FREE content!

Originally priced at $289, you can become a VIP Member for only $49 (for a limited time)! Annual membership price will NEVER be this low again!

Thank you for supporting and welcome to the Club!

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