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Nick Crocker



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The Elite Baseball Prospect team of coaches and advisors has accumulated years of experience in player development so we're very excited to share our knowledge and approach with you. Here is a cumulative list of credentials and experience that helped build our foundation for future education and growth.

Through various certifications and continuing education, we are constantly striving to increase our knowledge base and create content that is founded on the most effective training methods available.

* CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist  
* NASM-CPT Certified Personal Trainer
* PN1 Precision Nutrition Level 1
* FMS Level 1 Functional Movement Screen Level 1
* TPI Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute Level 1
* Stick Mobility Certification Level 1
* MPM Mental Performance Mastery Certification (Brian Cain)

We believe it is invaluable to have personal experiences that are relevant to the lifestyle of our student-athletes so we can relate to their challenges, goals, and pursuit of excellence.

* More than 40+ years of combined experience with player development at the amateur and professional level
* 67 players selected in the MLB Amateur Draft
* In excess of $13.5M in college scholarship dollars awarded to our student-athletes
* Over 30 years of higher education, including positions with NCAA National Headquarters as Director of Academics and Eligibility, through our partnership with Kelly Brooks and his team at the Brooks Element

We are thankful for our large network of friends and advisors who can share their views and experiences with you on a monthly basis. This team consists of veterans from multiple fields including amateur and professional athletes, corporate businessmen, doctors, therapists, teachers, and servicemen. Our passion is to network with like-minded individuals who are driven to learn, adapt, and grow on a similar journey of impacting athletes from all walks of life.

Nick Crocker

Performance Coach